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C&C has actively participated in making India 2020 dream come true, doing its every bit in Infra , Power & Telecom to build a new age India.  Every brick C&C lays on the ground is dedicated to the Nation Building.

In more than a decade time C&C Constructions has made a legacy for itself by creating excellence, even in the most challenging situations as its partner in nation building. Challenging projects require precision and vigilance and we have been successfully operating in difficult terrains and in adverse weather conditions. These conditions present many and varied challenges, such as availability of trained personnel, timely supply of material, efficient functioning of machinery and security concerns.

Our hands-on entrepreneurial management and the uncompromising attitude of our team ensure that these challenges are competently met. Every new location presents unique challenges and we are able to surmount all challenges.

We have works in testing environments in India such as in Bihar, Assam & the Andaman & Nicobar Islands where logistics can be extremely complicated. Besides all odds an On-time track record because of excellent Quality Policy along with Safety standards, competent management and team of almost all projects has been the company's Identity.

Also a case in point is the projects that fall within the ambit of the “Rebuilding Afghanistan” program. We have been able to execute our projects within our contracted time lines with requisite quality standards, and have as a result been able to generate repeat business. We also have an edge over our competitors due to presence of our machinery in Afghanistan, which enables quick mobilization. Excellent local contacts have led to smooth, undisturbed execution. We are committed to benefiting the local populations in the country. We are providing them with an opportunity to learn vocational skills and have also set up a state-of-the-art medical facility.